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Welcome to NENAWiki

A NENA Development Group Knowledge Resource

For more information about NENA (National Emergency Number Association), please see NENA's home page:

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What's in here?

NENAWiki is a resource for readers of NENA publications and for the members of the NENA Development Group committees that prepare them. It includes terms, acronyms and definitions used in the 9-1-1 community.

NENA Master Glossary with Terms, Acronyms, and their Definitions

To find the definition for a term or acronym, type it in the search box (above, right) and press Enter.
To show all pages where the search term is used, click on the "containing..." option.

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Guides for NENA Development Group Members

NENA Workspace Member Guide includes instructions for using the resources of the NENA Workspace.

Guide for Working Group Chairs includes information and resources to assist working group chairs to manage their groups according to NENA's policies.

Guide for NENAWiki Editors includes information and resources to assist the talented, heroic, volunteer editors who would like to improve the NENAWiki Glossary.


NENAWiki has been developed and maintained by the National Emergency Emergency Number Association (NENA) Development Steering Council (DSC).
The glossary definitions are provided by the members of the working groups that prepare NENA's published material.