NDG (NENA Development Group)

The NDG (NENA Development Group) was formed by NENA in 2011 to identify a more efficient development committee structure and process in recognition of the changes currently underway in the 9-1-1 industry. The new structure allows for a more organized, responsive approach to developing the standards, information, and requirements documents that are the core of NENA’s mission. The Development Group is governed by the Development Steering Council (DSC). Consists of Committees and Working Groups that develop consensus-driven documents that provide information, establish requirements, and set standards for the Public Safety industry in the areas of emergency communications technology, management, and operations. Such technology is inclusive of the hardware, software, networks, and equipment used for emergency communications.

Related Terms:

NDG (NENA Development Group) Committee/WG Member

The inclusion of persons in NENA Committee/WG activities that may not be NENA Members, as defined by that specific term.

Relevant NENA Documents

NENA-ADM-001, NENA Development Group Organizational Structure and Operational Procedures