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Comments: May be submitted until 12/1/2021. Click here to submit a comment
Proposed By: References Working Group
Note: This page contains links to Knowledge Base pages (including Glossary terms) that may reviewed and commented. It would be part of the Guide.
Approval Policy: Changes that result from comments received by 12/1/2021 will be added to this page for another review period. If comments suggesting changes or corrections are not received by 12/1/2021, this new page will be considered approved and adopted.

The References Working Group has proposed changes to these NENA Knowledge Base pages (including Glossary pages). DSC approval is not required for changes to be accepted. The DSC members may comment and the DSC may vote to stop the proposed change.

List of pages with proposed edits or changes: Proposed Change (Editing colors:This text (or section) was deleted. This text (or section) was added.)
List of pages proposed for deletion: Proposed Deletion
List of proposed new pages: Proposed New Page

List of proposed pages open for All-Committee Review:Proposed Draft for All-Committee Review

List of proposed pages in Implied Consent: Category:Implied Consent