CID (Company Identifier)

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NENA Company Identifiers (also known as Company IDs or CIDs) allow 9-1-1 centers to quickly identify the telephone company or access infrastructure provider responsible for a particular telephone number.

Related Terms:

Access Infrastructure Provider ID, Company Identifier (ID) 1, CID 1

A 3-5 character identifier that distinguishes the entity providing voice service (e.g., Wireline, Wireless, VoIP, PBX, etc.) to the end user. The company identifier registry is maintained by NENA in a nationally accessible database.

Data Provider Company ID, Company Identifier (ID) 2, CID 2

A 3-5 character identifier that distinguishes the source of the ALI record information (e.g., service provider/reseller/private switch owner, or telematics provider).

SPID (Service Provider Identifier), OCN (Operating Company Number)

A four (4) character, numeric service provider identification code assigned by the NECA (National Exchange Carrier Association) to Local Exchange Carriers. It does not include resellers, private switch owners or others not acting as LEC’s who are sending customer’s transaction record data to the 9-1-1 databases.

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