ELT (English Language Translation)

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ELT (English Language Translation) is an alphanumeric description of the primary Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Medical Service agencies associated with a given Emergency Services Zone/Number. The ELT includes the name of the first-responder agency, and may include their station number (for dispatch purposes) and telephone number. Examples:

  • ESN 123 translates to: <County> Sheriff, <County> Fire, <County> EMS
  • ESN 130 translates to <City> Police, <City> Fire Station 57, <County> EMS
  • ESN 135 translates to <City> Police 6th Precinct, <City> Fire Station 22, <City> EMS

(Where the element “<County>” or “<City>” is replaced with the actual County or City name.)

Some 9‑1‑1 systems support more than three agencies. In those cases, the ELT may contain additional listings for Advanced Life Support (Paramedics and Mobile Intensive Care Units), Medevac helicopter services, State or Marine Police, etc.