ESQK (Emergency Services Query Key)

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ESQK (Emergency Services Query Key) identifies a call instance at a VPC, and is associated with a particular SR/ESN combination. The ESQK is delivered to the E9‑1‑1 SR and as the calling number/ANI for the call to the PSAP. The ESQK is used by the SR as the key to the Selective Routing data associated with the call. The ESQK is delivered by the SR to the PSAP as the calling number/ANI for the call, and is subsequently used by the PSAP to request ALI information for the call. The ALI database includes the ESQK in location requests sent to the VPC. The ESQK is used by the VPC as a key to look up the location object and other call information associated with an emergency call instance. The ESQK is a non-dialable North American Numbering Plan (NANP) number in the format of NPA-NXX-XXXX. They are currently being allocated from NPA-211-XXXX and NPA-511-XXXX number sets.

Relevant NENA Documents

NENA 03-507, ESQK Guidelines for VoIP to E9-1-1 Connectivity