MLTS (Multi-Line Telephone System)

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MLTS (Multi-Line Telephone System) is communications equipment comprised of common control unit(s), telephone sets, control hardware and software and adjunct systems used typically in enterprise settings such as hotels, government agencies, commercial offices, and campuses. Such equipment includes network and premises-based systems such as Centrex, VoIP, as well as PBX, Hybrid, and Key Telephone Systems (as classified by the FCC under Part 68 Requirements).

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Shared Residential MLTS (Multi-Line Telephone System) Service

The use of a specialized telephone system to provide service to residential facilities even if the service is not delineated for purposes of billing. Residential facilities shall be liberally construed to mean single family and multi-family facilities including Extended Care Facilities and Dormitories.

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FCC website: Multi-line Telephone Systems - Kari's Law and Ray Baum's Act