NENA Development Steering Council Members

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DSC Member Role Organization
Arnold, ENP, Ms. Delaine Committee Resource Manager NENA
Beasley, Mr. John Data Structures Committee Co-Chair Ark-Tex Council of Governments
Beitel, Mrs. Sandra Communications Committee Co-Chair Ogle County IL
Bello, Mrs. Rachel Data Management Committee Co-Chair Wake County NC
Berryman, ENP, Mr. Marc Development Steering Council Advisor Mission Critical Partners Inc
Blackwell, Mr. Rick Agency Systems Committee Co-Chair Greenville County SC
Bloom, ENP, Mr. Ron Executive Board Alternate Co-Liaison Frontier Communications
Dodson, ENP, Ms. Lisa Development Group Advisory Committee Co-Chair TriTech Software Systems
Carver, RPL, ENP, Mr. Chris PSAP/9-1-1 Operations Director  NENA
Clauson, ENP, Ms. Sonya Communications Committee Co-Chair Greater Harris County Emergency Network TX
Eggimann, ENP, Mr Pete Development Steering Council Co-Chair Metropolitan Emergency Services Board MN
Horning, ENP, Mr. Jason Data Structures Committee Co-Chair North Dakota Association of Counties
Mongrain, Mr. Dan Systems Security & Resiliency Committee Co-Chair Motorola Solutions Inc
Guenther, ENP, Ms. Shelly Data Management Committee Co-Chair 911 Datamaster Inc
Haynes, ENP, Mr. John Development Steering Council Advisor Chester County PA
Heinze, ENP, Mrs. April PSAP Operations Committee Co-Chair INdigital Telecom
Hixson, ENP, Mr. Roger Technical Issues Director NENA
Lively, ENP, Ms. Wendi PSAP Operations Committee Co-Chair Spartanburg County SC
Paddock, Mr. Raymond Systems Security & Resiliency Committee Co-Chair Inteliquent, Inc.
Parry-ENP, Mr. Eric NGA 911 Corporation
Million, ENP, Mrs. Monica Executive Board Liaison Colorado 9-1-1 Resource Center
O'Conor, ENP, Mr. Stephen Interconnection & Security Committee Co-Chair Synergem Technologies Inc
Platt, Ms. Donna Accessibility Committee Co-Chair North Carolina Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Ray, Mr. Richard Accessibility Committee Co-Chair City of Los Angeles CA
Shannon, Mr. Brooks Data Structures Committee Co-Chair INdigital Telecom
Shepard, ENP, Mr. Jim Development Steering Council Co-Chair 911 Datamaster Inc
Reese, Ms. Theresa Co-Chair, 9-1-1 Core Services Committee Ericsson Inc
Smith, Mr. Michael Agency Systems Committee Co-Chair DSS Corporation
Vislocky, Mr. Michael Development Group Advisory Committee Co-Chair Co-Chair Network Orange Inc