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NENA Workspace User Guide

The NENA Workspace provider (previously "Kavi" and now "Higher Logic") has a User Guide that includes training videos, downloadable manuals, and other information.

User Training Webinar Video

In March, 2013, the NENA Workspace provider conducted a user training webinar. A recording of that webinar is available here on YouTube.

Your NENA Workspace Account

What is the link to login to NENA Workspace?

Once you create a password, you can log in to the members area.

To review your member account information AND keep it CURRENT, please visit:

You may not change your company name. Those requests must be sent to This is necessary to control the one (1) vote per company/entity when voting does become necessary.

Setting up voting options (primary, alternate, non-voter) is an administrative function. If any corrections are needed group chairs will inform

Group leaders will establish event (calendar) notices for all calls. All events are posted to the master calendar; however, only group members receive the initial calendar and any updates. NENA Workspace sends an email with an ical_xxx.ics attachment which the user must save.

For additional assistance, send email to

Questions and Answers

Q: If you subscribe to a calendar, does it create a new calendar in Outlook, or does it add events to your default Outlook calendar?

A: It will create a new calendar in Outlook for NENA Workspace events. Will not be added to your default Outlook calendar.

Q: So, just to confirm...I can import My Calendar information to my office PC Outlook? Correct?

A: Yes - you can - you just can't write to your calendar in NENA Workspace from Outlook or a mobile device. In Outlook, NENA Workspace creates a new calendar so you have your personal calendar and a NENA Workspace calendar, along with any other calendars you might have created.

Q: A common problem work group chairs have is picking a time that does not overlap other work group's meetings. Is there a way to show ALL NENA meeting's calendar?

A: Yes, NENA is sharing meeting events to all in the “All Groups” calendar view; however, only group members receive invites and updates.

Q: What if I don't see an Event section?

A: Your work group leader may not have created any Events (calendars) yet.

Q: What about daylight savings options

A: NENA Workspace manages Daylight Savings Time automatically. A recurring meeting scheduled to occur on a Monday at 10 am will automatically adjust to still show up at 10 am after a DST shift forward or backward occurs.

Q: Is there a calendar that workgroups can populate?

A: You can subscribe to My Calendar, which will pull all of the events for groups you belong to in your offline calendar of choice. When a meeting is cancelled, the calendar event is not deleted, but it is shown in red with cancelled in parenthesis after the meeting name.

Q: If we have an agenda for the next call - can we send out an email with a link directly to the agenda or just tell them to check the site?

A: You may use the agenda field in a calendar; however, it would be hard to retrieve it at a later date. NENA Workspace best practice recommendation and NENA request is that agendas be created separately and placed in the group “Agendas” folder. NENA ADM-008 Agenda & Notes form is available at This form is for meetings agendas & notes/minutes.

Q: Do we need to set up meeting reminders? Where, how?

A: NENA Workspace does not do meeting reminders within the NENA Workspace system itself - but individual users can set their own calendar programs up to send email reminders. Notices will go out from NENA Workspace for new calendar events and for any updates.

Q: Is there a timeframe that is considered "recent" under Activity? based on # of docs not date --- effects all groups -- does it follow a count or dates? A: Recent activity is based on document count and is preset. There is an option to display fewer items or display more items.

Q: Where can I find existing NENA documents?

A: Links to NENA standards and other documents are on the web site here:

Q: Does the rss feed just inform on new documents or will it do emails too? A: Emails too, if the submitter sends an email notification to the group roster.

Q: Can action items be assigned against a document?

A: Currently no. May be in a future release

Q: Can I upload an image or photo to my profile similar to LinkedIn or Facebook?

A: No, NENA Workspace does not support this.

Q: Can you select multiple members in the To: list box when sending an email via the web form on NENA Workspace Workspace?

A: No; however, you can add additional individual or group email names in the CC section.

Q: Just a note. Internet Explorer 8 does not have fly-outs and similar functionality. I switched to Chrome and now have a similar interface to what is being shown on the demo. I cannot update IE 8 due to corporate policy. I didn't know there was a difference until I saw the demo. A: Yes, IE 8 has been challenging, so we recommend that people use other browsers if at all possible.

Q: Will emails go out as a BCC to all members or as a contact group? A: As a contact group - anyone who is on the roster for the group and has elected to receive emails (either individual or in digest form) will receive the message. Plus there will be a web archive as a record that the email was sent to the group - visible in the web version of the group itself.

Q: What's the difference between comment and bulk comments? A: You can add a single comment to a document - but some organizations have complex documents where a user will have multiple comments to make against the document - that's when you might want to use the bulk comment option to make the data entry process a bit smoother!

Q: Is there a way to view the email archive by thread?

A: Not now, but that's definitely a popular request & one that NENA Workspace is looking at now.

Q: If a document is in, say, public review, is that still draft state?

A: All documents are draft until group approves. Examples: Call minutes/notes begin as draft. On the next call the previous week’s notes are approved and become final after any edits are made. If there are edits, a revised document would be uploaded to the original draft. If no changes, select “modify details” to the right of the document and change status from draft to final. Documents stay in “draft” until they complete a step in each review process. For example, All Committee Review draft stays as draft until it is final to move to Public Review. Document published to public is placed in Public Review folder and shows draft until the document is final and ready for “Stable Form Notice.” Once the 60 days have passed the document is placed into the Process Review Committee as draft and is not final until PRC approves. It is then moved to NENA Executive Board Approval and stays draft until Executive Board approves.

Q: Do you recommend using the revision option when reviewing comments during the review process or would should we use it during the course of the document development process?

A: Best practice would be to use the “revision” process as the most current document would always be visible. If one needed to go back to a previous version – you would look at the “Details” of the document and at the bottom a list of all previous versions would be listed.

Q: Record Attendance - will our weekly workgroup conference calls be listed and will we be able to use this as an attendance record

A: Once you create an event (calendar entry) NENA processes require one of the WG Co-Chairs (group leader) to update attendance after the call has ended. This is in addition to the attendance table in the NENA-ADM-008 Agenda Notes Template where, in addition to attendance, excused absences may be recorded. Excused absences are not captured in the NENA Workspace attendance records.

Q: If I make an email change at the Profile level will it change the Account info or vice versa?

A: Yes, if you change email at profile level, it will change the account info as well. it may take a bit to propagate, though!

Q: Any plans to add video conferencing to NENA Workspace? It'd be nice to have face-to-face conferencing….

A: Not at this time - we focus on activities leading up to and then immediately after your meeting itself - it's why we don't offer chat/IM services, either.

When you click on the document link for a specific document, the “comment” link is at the top of the page, not on an “Action” menu on the right. Here’s a picture of it:

Adding a Comment