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There are several variants for "Telephone Number" in 9-1-1 and NENA documentation.

Telephone Number Variant Definition Relevant NENA Document
CBN (Callback Number, Call Back Number) A common term for the phone number that can be used by the PSAP to reach a specific calling party subsequent to the release of an emergency call. The Callback Number is a dialable number and conforms to the international telephone number plan (E.164), but may be represented in IP signaling by a uniform resource identifier (URI). The Callback number can differ from the Calling Party Number.
CPN (Calling Party Number) The information for an incoming call describing the line number or directory number that originated the call.  The information can be a station identification number or extension defined by an internal dial plan or the billing number information, or both.  The CPN sometimes is a number that cannot be used to make a call back to the original caller.
MDN (Mobile directory Number) The telephone number dialed to reach a wireless telephone.
MIN (Mobile Identification Number) A 34-bit binary number that a wireless handset transmits to identify itself to the wireless network.
AEAN (Alternate Emergency Access Number) A 10-digit unlisted number, answered on a 24/7 basis, used to receive VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls until these calls can be delivered to the selective router serving the PSAP.  After E9‑1‑1 implementation, these lines should only be used for specific routing circumstances. It can also be utilized to receive misrouted calls from other PSAPs not within the selective routing service area, operator-assisted emergency calls, default-routed wireless calls, calls routed to the PSAP via private call centers, and calls relayed from telecommunications relay services. Caller identification should be included as an option.
DN (Directory Number) A dialable 10-digit telephone number associated with a telephone subscriber or call destination.
CdPN (Called Party Number) A parameter within SS7 and MF signaling to designate the destination number.