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TurboBridge is an audio hosting service contracted by NENA to provide audio conferencing capabilities for members participating in NENA Development Group calls.

Accessing the TurboBridge Audio Conference

Dial or connect using one of the options below

Callers may connect to a meeting's audio bridge using several methods:

The Toll-Free Access numbers offered by TurboBridge are not supported by NENA and should not be used.

When prompted, enter the Conference ID, followed by the pound sign (#).

The TurboBridge Host Control Panel

NENA Development Committee Chairs are provided with unique Conference IDs for conference calls for their committee. A unique private PIN is also provided to access the Host Control Panel.

The Note Taker or other designated group leader may log into the Host Control Panel to manage live conference calls, including viewing participant Caller IDs, muting participants, modifying feature settings and controlling conference recording. TurboBridge provides instructions on using the Host Control Panel.

Accessing the Host Control Panel

Browse to the TurboBridge Login Page and enter the Conference ID and PIN number.

Correcting Callers' Names

In most cases, TurboBridge remembers names associated with a caller's telephone number. It also uses names provided by Skype.

When a caller's Caller ID is blocked, TurboBridge inserts the name of the person last entered for a blocked number. This is often incorrect. Numbers shown as blocked always need to be checked and the person's name needs to be corrected.

When entering the actual name of a blocked caller, it is recommended that after the name, add this text: Check This Name Then, the next blocked caller will include the reminder.

Sometimes names are missing, especially for new members. They should be entered. The naming convention adopted by most groups is first name and last name. For example: John Smith.

It is important to make sure all the names in the Host Control Panel are correct, especially if you use TurboBridge to generate an attendance spreadsheet. See the TurboBridge Host Control Panel instructions to see how to add and correct caller names.

TurboBridge Attendance Database

TurboBridge keeps attendance details for all callers for all calls. The database can be retrieved as long as the account remains active. Attendance details can be downloaded in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format for any call or for all calls within a selected time period. The CSV file can be imported into an Excel spreadsheet. See the Host Control Panel instructions for details.