Welcome Letter for New Members

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This is a welcome letter used by some working groups:


Recently you were approved for membership in NENA's (full name) Working Group. The (abbrv) Working Group meets weekly on ___________, from __________ EST.  Attached is an iCalendar file for you to download to your personal calendar. NENA Workspace calendars sent to you may not automatically update your personal calendar – you may need to add them, depending on the calendar application you are using.
The administrative document, NENA Development Group Organizational Structure and Operational Procedures, NENA ADM-001 (https://www.nena.org/page/NENAOrgStructure), describes the roles and responsibilities of the NENA development committees and associated Working Groups involved in the development of NENA documents.  Prior to joining the Working Group’s first call, we ask new Working Group members to read Section Working Group Participation Expectations so that they are aware of NENA’s expectations for meeting attendance and participation. Specifically, Working Group members are expected to attend meetings and calls on a regular basis. Those who miss three consecutive meetings without notifying the Working Group Co-Chairs may be removed from the roster, lose access to document distribution, and give up their voting rights in the Working Group. Working Group members are expected to provide ongoing document contributions in the forms of edit suggestions/recommendations, on-line verbal input during calls, and/or on-line text input, via the chat window, during calls.

New Working Group members must also read NENA’s complete Intellectual Property Rights and Antitrust policies (https://www.nena.org/page/IPR) prior to participating in their first meeting.  Working Group members must also vote in all ballots presented to them. In order to understand the NENA Development Group organizational structure and the complete document development process you are encouraged to read NENA ADM-001 (https://www.nena.org/page/NENAOrgStructure).
NENA uses a document management and collaborations system called NENA Workspace (NWS) that is used to distribute copies of the draft document, meeting notes, and other supporting documents.  You should already have an account established that allows you access to our (abbrv) Working Group site at (link to your NENA Workspace group home page). If you cannot attend a meeting due to a work conflict or illness, you must email the co-chairs (list Email addresses for all co-chairs) before the meeting in order to be recorded as an excused absence. For NENA Workspace training tutorials and other information on using NENA Workspace please refer to the NENA Development Group (https://nenawiki.org/wiki/NENA_Development_Group_Guide).
Please take the time to read the current draft of the document in the Draft WG Documents folder and past minutes. Please let us know if you have any questions and welcome aboard!

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