Welcome Letter for New Members

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This is a welcome letter used by some working groups.


  • Feel free to customize this template as needed for your Working Group needs.
  • Replace all <green text in angle brackets> with the indicated information specific to your Working Group.
  • Include the last full paragraph ONLY for new members who join after the Working Group has already held the initial meeting (notes and a draft document should then be available).


Recently you were approved for membership in NENA's <full name> Working Group. The <abbrv name> Working Group meets weekly on <weekday>, from <start time> - <end time>EST, starting <date>.

The <abbrv name> WG is organized under NENA's <name> Committee (<committee abbreviation>). NENA Development Committees are an organizational unit for working groups, and committee chairs constitute the overall leadership of the NENA Development Group. You are automatically a member of a committee by virtue of your membership in a working group. You may occasionally receive committee-wide emails when committee leadership needs to convey information to all of the committee's working groups. Committee co-chairs serve to support the needs of the working group chairs. While working groups meet regularly, committees may not. Committee leadership may call a meeting with working group chairs if or when it is deemed necessary, such as to advise on completing the work tasks they have been assigned or to moderate disputes and appeals.

There are responsibilities associated with participation on a NENA WG.

Prior to your First Meeting

  • Read Section Working Group Participation Expectations (page 19) in the NENA Development Group Organizational Structure and Operational Procedures, NENA ADM-001, noting that WG members are expected to attend meetings and calls on a regular basis.
    • Those who miss three consecutive meetings without notifying the WG Co-Chairs may be removed from the roster, lose access to document distribution, and give up their voting rights in the WG. (Note: This does not apply to Authorized Observers.)
  • Review the Working Group Charter <insert link behind underlined text to the current charter, or if not yet available, to an approved ISF Tracking Form, on NWS>.
  • Download the meeting series from the first meeting of the series <insert link behind underlined text to first meeting of the series> by clicking on the “Download to Your Calendar” button.
  • For reference, bookmark the NENA Glossary.

General Information

  • NENA uses a document management and collaborations system called NENA Workspace (NWS) to distribute copies of document drafts, meeting agendas and notes, and other supporting documents. WG participants are expected to download and review newly posted documents prior to WG meetings for effective participation in the discussions. You should have received an account that allows you access to our WG’s NWS pages <insert link behind underlined text to WG’s NWS home page>. Please bookmark this site.
  • All WG members must record their attendance (or non-attendance) in NWS for each meeting. Prior to each meeting, you will receive an email with a link to the Event page <insert link behind underlined text to WG’s NWS Event page> reminding you to record your attendance.
  • Eligible WG members must vote in all ballots presented to them. Authorized Observers are not eligible to vote in official ballots.
  • WG members are expected to provide ongoing document contributions in the forms of:
    • new text contributions in your field of expertise,
    • edit suggestions/recommendations,
    • on-line verbal input during calls,
    • on-line text input, via the chat window, during calls, and/or
    • participate in a subgroup that may be formed to focus on a specific in-scope topic.

Please take the time to read the current draft of the document <insert link behind underlined text to document on NWS> and past notes <insert link behind underlined text to NWS Notes folder>. Also attached are the meeting notes from the initial Workgroup meeting. They contain logistical information about the WG, how meetings are run, and document development. We highly recommend you read these notes, especially if you have not been on NENA WGs before. <attach notes from initial WG meeting>

Please let us know if you have any questions and welcome aboard!

<Co-Chair names>

Co-Chairs, NENA <full name> Working Group

<Email addresses of all Co-Chairs>