Working Group Member Attendance Notice

From NENA Knowledge Base

This is an attendance notice for Working Group members who have missed calls:

Greetings <WG member name>!

The <WG name> Workgroup continues to hold weekly calls on <date> [to review and adjudicate comments received during the <Authoring-All Committee-Public> Review].  The Workgroup co-chairs recently reviewed Workgroup member attendance and have found that you have not attended any of the last XX calls.  NENA’s administrative document NENA Development Group Organizational Structure, NENA ADM-001 ( states that workgroup members are expected to attend meetings and calls on a regular basis.  This is reiterated in our Workgroup meeting agendas and minutes which state that members will be removed from the Workgroup after three consecutive absences without notifying the Workgroup co-chairs. 

Since you have not attended a Workgroup call or emailed a request to the co-chairs at <NWS co-chair email> for an excused absence since <date>, we will remove your name from the Workgroup roster unless you respond to this email requesting we maintain your membership on the Workgroup, participate in the next workgroup call scheduled for <date>, or you request an excused absence prior to the next call.

We understand that you may no longer be interested or have the time to participate in the Workgroup meetings.  If you are removed but later decide that you want to rejoin the group, simply complete the requested information at <Join This Work Group url> and we’ll add you back to the Workgroup.  Thank you.

<WG name> Workgroup Co-Chairs,
<co-chair names>